I’ve loved the horror genre since well before the age that I should have even known it existed.

I wasn’t anywhere near hitting an age that had double digits in it before I was sneaking out to the lounge room to watch movies like Chucky and Nightmare on Elm Street on a Saturday night. The level of athleticism that I displayed at this time of my life, as I jumped from my door to my bed in order to avoid the many monsters that were awaiting me in the dark, would fail to manifest itself in any other aspect of my life.

And, while she may not have approved of my obsession with these movies, my mum would eventually come to hire handfuls of horror movies for me on an almost weekly basis. Sure, I was setting myself up for trauma that would stick with me well into my adulthood*, but at least I was being relatively quiet about it.

And so it was, many years – and thousands of movies – later, that the idea would come to me to commit myself to sharing one write-up per day about something relating to the horror genre. Hence the name of this blog.

…because there are 365 days in a year. And horror is, broadly speaking, about frights. Get it?



Chances are, there will be no rhyme or reason to what I write about. It will mostly be about horror movies, because that’s what I have the most access to; but I also plan to write about graphic novels/comics, video games, novels, art, YouTube videos, and whatever else I come across. Because, why not?

Here’s hoping that this is entertaining for everyone involved!


Clowns, man. What the fuck is up with clowns?


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