Day #236: Stitched (Avatar Press)

[ Garth Ennis | Mike Wolfer ]


[From Comic Vine:]Three military survivors of a helicopter crash discover something even more lethal than the Taliban-controlled landscape they are trapped in.

My take:

I didn’t have much in the way of expectations going into Stitched, because I figured it’d just be another zombie gorefest. And, true to my expectations, it does involve both a lot of gore, and zombie-like creatures, so I wasn’t far off the mark – on the surface.

It actually has some really compelling characters, who jumped out at me straight away as being complex, and engaging. They had believeable relationships, with their own tensions – and the emotional stakes actually felt high within the timeframe of a couple of pages of my beginning to read the first issue.

Similarly, when the inevitable violence ensued I actually felt something about it. Not in the intellectual way that I’ve recently gotten used to, as I read my way through a bunch of (mostly superhero) comics in my fleeting moments of “spare time,” but as something that actually hit me at a deeper, more visceral level. For that alone, Ennis and Wolfer deserve a lot of credit.

But, even beyond that, I – admittedly, only having read five issues at this point – have the sense that there’s a compelling storyline, with competing individual and overarching goals and narratives, that’re leading the characters down a particular path. It’s not just about them being something for the zombies to chew through (although that may happen), but about…them, as realised characters in a recognisably horrible situation. And that’s pretty cool.

Considering I didn’t start off with high hopes, the fact that I feel compelled to go and read the next issue (and the next, and the next, and…) after I press “schedule” on this post is definitely a good indication that, actually, Stitched might not be that bad after all!


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