Day #229: Horror Shorts (YouTube)

Like a stupid person from Stupidsville, I thought that a day of relative good health was a sign that my cold was going to be one of those 24 hour deals.

Little did I know.

Little. Did. I. Know.

As I sit here fighting through the fog in my brain, trying to come up with some witticism to account for the fact that I’m throwing up a YouTube post in order to provide me with a bit of breathing space without breaking my 200+ day streak of posts, my face is leaking from ALL the orifices, my body is aching, and all I really want to do is curl up and sleep (which ain’t happening, because of course it’s too hot right now).

I’m not going to leave you without a post, though! Oh no! I’m sticking with this shit, even if I suspect you’d all be forgiving if I missed a day due to the death plague currently percolating in my sore brain.

Here are some horror shorts, from me to you. I promise, I haven’t sneezed on them.


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