Day #210: Quarantine (2008)


[From IMDb:] A television reporter and her cameraman are trapped inside a building quarantined by the CDC after the outbreak of a mysterious virus which turns humans into bloodthirsty killers.

My take:

Apparently I have a bizarre case of Jennifer Carpenter Blindness, because this is yet another movie she’s the star of – not just that she ‘stars in,’ but that she is the star of – that I had no idea she was even in. And it’s not like I haven’t watched this movie a few times, either. I just have no recollection of her (not at all generic) face.

She’s probably my favourite actor and I don’t even know it, because I don’t remember her as anyone other than Deb in Dexter!

Not that I think there’s anything particularly amazing about her acting in Quarantine – or the movie as a whole. I mean, she’s good! All the actors are good. And the movie is good.

Good; not great.

Where Quarantine kicks the butts of many of its found footage-style counterparts, though, is in the camerawork. I very quickly found myself wondering exactly how much choreography went into the making of the movie, because there are quite a few occasions where there’s a lot of movement happening in multiple directions, and the cameraman does a great job in picking it all up. And while I don’t want to take away from giving the cameraman credit for a job well done, there’s an obvious…staginess…to the movie. It’s all a little too neat, y’know?

Ignoring its relationship to [REC]*, Quarantine is a serviceable found footage zombie(ish) movie. If nothing else, it’s at least an entertaining hour and a half.

* Largely because I haven’t watched it in a long time, and didn’t have the time to do so in order to make this into the ‘versus’ post it probably should have been. 😛

Reminder: Posts will be going up 4 hours later as of tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Day #210: Quarantine (2008)

    • I did! It’s another movie that I only have vague recollections of, though.

      I’ve also got all the [REC] movies, but I’ve only watched the first three. I keep holding off on the fourth, because I know I’ll want to post about it if I watch it, and I try to do things in order if I can.


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