Day #200: Dark Gods (Avatar Press)

[ Justin JordanGerman Erramouspe ]


The battle between chaos and order – between the old gods and the new world – continues to rage on, as the Serpent and the Storm struggle for supremacy. And Josh Resnick, a self-titled computer geek, has just stumbled his way into the middle of it all.

My take:

Despite the fact that you have to dig through the Avatar Press website to find any mention of it (seriously Avatar, get your shit together), they do actually have this new ongoing series for sale. And, based on the three issues that’ve been released so far, I’m liking it.

It’s got a H.P. Lovecraft vibe going for it, with its overarching story of creatures of chaos looking for a way to enter our world, and the battle between those who would see this happen (the Serpent) and those who would like to not see the world devoured by monsters, thank you very much (the Storm). And, as a contrast to that, you’ve got the character who acts as our entry-point into this story: Josh Resnick, whose introduction to all of this stuff involved almost being eaten by his former employers.

Interestingly, the character who’s been developed the most at this point in the game is Marian – a member of Storm, who saves Resnick. On one hand I like this, because I’m all about fully developed female characters; on the other hand, it does mean that, so far at least, all of the male characters are pretty underdeveloped – including Resnick, who’s presumably meant to be the most ‘relatable’ character for the readers. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out later on.

As for the art style, it’s alright. There are sections where the art is actually really nice, i.e. whenever the history of this struggle is being discussed; but for the ‘real-time’ stuff it’s pretty much generic comic art. That’s not a bad thing – but it doesn’t exactly stand out, either.

It’s still early days yet, so it’s hard to say what direction this is going to end up taking (both in terms of the story, and the quality), but I’m on board for the foreseeable future. The way the third issue ends has me particularly interested in what’s going to happen when the next issue comes out toward the end of this month.


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