Day #197: The Last House on the Left (2009)


Witnessing the murder of her friend, Mari is beaten, raped and left for dead by a family of sociopaths. In a horrible twist of fate, she manages to get herself home only to discover that her attackers have been taken in by her parents after their “car accident”.

When her parents realise what’s happened, they must for for their lives – and for revenge.

My take:

So. Rape scenes.

I’m not going to say that they have no place in movies, because that would be stupid. Rape happens; and it happens at a disgustingly high rate, often resulting in the ongoing victimisation of those who have been raped (particularly if they’re female).

For a whole host of reasons, it would be absolute bullshit for me to say that it should be a taboo topic, or that it shouldn’t be depicted in movies, just because I hate to see it. So, in a movie like this where there is a rape scene, I ask myself: was it done in a way that glorified the act for the sake of titillation, or minimising the impacts on the victim? Or was it done in a way that showed it for the brutal violation that it is? This is really the only way that I can approach these scenes.

I actually thought that the rape scene in this movie went on for a lot longer, which makes me wonder if I’m not getting it mixed up with the same scene in the original; and it certainly does show the brutality of the act rather than glorifying it. So, that’s something. I guess.


The acting is good all-around, and the balance of the two halves of the story isn’t too bad. I did feel that some of the deaths were a bit too quick, but there are also some truly brutal fight scenes. And rather than having a movie populated by one-dimensional characters, there was actually a lot of time put into fleshing most of the characters out – which is always a big bonus.

The thing is, the rape scene is the one thing stopping me from saying that I enjoyed this movie, for what it is. It’s got a lot of great qualities, particularly for a remake, but…I guess we all have our ‘thing that we just get past,’ hey?


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