Day #193: The Disco Exorcist (2011)

The Disco Exorcist (2011) (Unrated)

The Disco Exorcist (2011) (Unrated)


[From IMDb:] Suave swinger and womanizer Rex Romanski loves and leaves evil black magic priestess Rita Marie. Naturally, Rex incurs Rita’s lethal wrath by spurning her. Can Rex figure out a way to stop Rita’s subsequent rampage of revenge, murder, and destruction as well as reclaim the soul of his new porn starlet gal Amoreena Jones before it’s too late?

My take:

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a tiring day. I need a little fun and relaxation tonight. Cue The Disco Exorcist, which I put aside for just such an occasion.

I haven’t had all that much exposure to movies from the grindhouse exploitation film era (and some of the recent examples probably don’t count), so I can’t say whether this movie really fits the genre. I just know there was lots of nudity (mostly breasts, but it can’t be accused of not having equal opportunity nudity), lots of sex, lots of hair, lots of cocaine, and some corny as hell acting. And all of that…sounds about right?

There were also a lot of gay gags/jokes. Is that a thing that exploitation films did?

…maybe I don’t want to know.

Anyway, while I did get a bit bored during the porny parts of the movie (figurative and literal), I actually found the rest of the movie to be pretty fun. It was all just so over the top that it was hard not to laugh, even at the kind of content that would get on my nerves in other movies.

I can’t decide if I wanted more of Rita Marie’s scenes or not. Ruth Sullivan plays the part in a gloriously dramatic fashion, which was a nice break from all the sex; but she also seemed to spend just as much time writhing around as cursing people. I could’ve done with less writhing and more cursing.

Now, if you’ve noticed a distinct lack of any references to horror so far, that’s because it doesn’t really exist in this movie. Yes, there’s some blood and gore. There’s even some zombies and – as you might have guessed from the title – an exorcism. But it’s so rare that it’s barely a factor, despite being the driving force of the quote unquote “plot”.

And yet, if you’re after a comedy wearing a spurned witch’s clothing, and you’re okay with a lot of completely unerotic (but occasionally amusing) sex, then The Disco Exorcist might just be the movie that you’ve been waiting for.


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