Day #184: Cutter (Image Comics)

Cutter (4 Issues) | Image Comics

Cutter (4 Issues) | Image Comics

Seamus Kevin Fahey | Robert Place Napton

Christian DiBari | Michael Spicer


After the brutal murder of some of his old school friends, Jeremy becomes convinced that a dark secret from their past is the cause. For the sake of his pregnant wife, he must find the killer – and face his own past.

My take:

It didn’t surprise me to read that Seamus Kevin Fahey is a writer for tv shows, because I often found myself thinking while reading Cutter that it felt almost like a storyboard. You can see how the scenes would be shot if it were to be translated into film – an effect reinforced by the sketch-like illustrations done by Christian DiBari (and Mann House, in Issue #4).

In a lot of ways the story follows a horror movie-like path, too. Obviously the limited number of issues played a part in this, but beyond even that there’s a certain flow to the story – a familiarity to the timing of certain actions and revelations, etc. – that, again, could easily be translated into a filmed format.

In some ways this familiarity is almost comforting, as even while you might know the details of what’s coming, you can at least get a sense of the shape of the story to come – and this isn’t always true of comics (for bad or good, depending). On the other hand, familiar doesn’t always mean enjoyable – and there are certain moments in the story that don’t quite make as much sense as they could/should; and some explanations seem a bit too truncated, due to the limited space available to tell the story.

Still, it ain’t a bad little series. I can see why Image Comics released it over the month of October; it makes a perfect Halloween-time comic.


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