Day #175: The Unborn (2009)

[From IMDb:] A young woman fights the spirit that is slowly taking possession of her.
My take:

Part of me could never really get past how cliche-ridden The Unborn is. It’s an old story being told in a pretty well-worn manner, with an over-reliance on the work done by those movies that came before it, and jump scares that are both repetitive and largely ineffective. I always thought that, much like its cast, it traded in depth in favour of a pretty facade (harsh, right?).

Now, I’m not willing to entirely roll back that assessment, because I do still think that The Unborn is a pretty shallow movie; but, credit given where it’s due, it’s at least somewhat entertaining in its shallowness.

I think there’s sometimes a tendency, if a movie isn’t great, to then immediately jump to labeling it as a shit movie. I know this is something that I’ve been guilty of on more than one occasion, anyway. But I don’t think that The Unborn is offensively bad – it just…is. Y’know? Yes, there are plot holes and weaknesses, and nothing about it is particularly scary, but at the very least there’s some cool looking scenes, and the acting is passable (except for Cam Gigandet, who’s always struck me as serving the role of a movie’s male eye candy rather than anything else).

I never said he wasn't *good* at that job, though.

I never said he wasn’t *good* at being eye candy, though.

I did find the use of the Jewish Dybbuk, rather than the typical Catholic-based demon, to be an interesting idea. It’s just unfortunate that, some Jewish symbolism and imagery aside, they don’t really seem to do much with the related mythology.

In the end, I suppose there’s a fine line to tread between pointing out the weaknesses of a movie, and shitting all over every horror movie that gets produced for a mainstream audience – especially in an era where it’s rare for something not to be a remake, or direct rip-off of a foreign film (which I don’t *think* The Unborn is). It doesn’t happen all the time (e.g. The Conjuring, Oculus), but it probably happens more often – and with greater severity – than is absolutely necessary.

tl;dr: The Unborn isn’t the worst horror movie out there; but that doesn’t mean that I may not regret standing up for it.


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