Day #174: Wrong Turn (2003)

Taking a wrong turn in the woods of West Virginia leads these six young people into a fight for their lives, as some of the locals hunt them for sport.
My take:

One thing I never noticed about this movie before is what a good job they do of presenting the woods as a character in its own right. At first it’s all open, bright, lovely green expanses of pristine wildlife; and then, as the movie goes on, it becomes a lot darker, more menacing – more of a prison than an escape. It’s a cool little visual cue that I never picked up on before.

Of course, that’s right about where the material for analysis in Wrong Turn begins and ends. It’s a relatively by the book slasher, otherwise. Young people go into the woods, yada yada yada, not all of them come out alive. The production quality’s decent, the acting is…well, what you’d expect, and the plot is pretty predictable. There’s some decent deaths, a cool fight/flight scene in the treetops, and a good (if oddly inconsistent, at times) amount of blood and gore for a movie of this kind. So, while it might not be a brilliant movie, it’s certainly entertaining.

I can’t help but wish they’d made Eliza Dushku’s character more kick-arse, though.

Don’t get me wrong, she certainly has her moments. But, let’s face it, she was just coming out of (and may have still been?) Faith in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and that’s why most people (read: me) went to see Wrong Turn. And while I can see why they – and she – might not have wanted to replicate that role in this movie, we all know that she was capable of playing a much more physical part than she did here; and I can’t help but find it a little disappointing that she didn’t bust out some of her moves.

That aside, Wrong Turn is an entertaining, if cliche-ridden, part of the genre (which somehow spawned a billion sequels).


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