Day #171: Bloody Birthday (1981)

Bloody Birthday (1981)

Bloody Birthday (1981)

[From IMDb:] Lacking consciences because they were born during a solar eclipse, a trio of 10-year-olds embark on an indiscriminate killing spree.
My take:

Today’s my birthday, so of course I had to post about something birthday-themed; and how could I resist a movie about a trio of sociopathic kids?

Now, normally I’m of the opinion that having a strong (or at least clear) story is important, but the vast majority of  Bloody Birthday is about these kids killing off as many people as possible, perving on everyone they can, and not getting caught in the process. That’s…pretty much it. And it was a hell of a lot of fun to watch, however little plot there might have been.

Curtis (Billy Jayne), Debbie (Elizabeth Hoy) and Steven (Andrew Freeman) are suitably creepy as the killer kids. I found myself debating whether Billy Jayne or Elizabeth Hoy came out on top as the creepiest of the trio, but eventually decided on Jayne. The more personal nature of Debbie’s targets definitely stands out, but I think that Jayne does a better job of injecting Curtis with that certain something that just screams “Psychopath!”.

I can't decide if it's the smirk or a particular glint in his eyes.

I can’t decide if it’s the smirk or that glint in his eyes that’s creepier.

I could complain about how stupid everyone else in this town is – particularly the siblings, Timmy (K.C. Martel) and Joyce (Lori Lethin), who are repeatedly targeted by the killers and/or catch them in the act of doing something suspicious, yet still fail miserably to effectively inform anyone else that there’s something wrong with these kids; but, let’s face it, I’d be completely missing the point of the movie if I did. It’s all about sitting back and enjoying watching the kids doing their thing. I have no complaints about that.


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