Day #170: Vinyan (2008)


[From IMDb:] A couple are looking for their child who was lost in the tsunami – their search takes them to the dangerous Thai-Burmese waters, and then into the jungle, where they face unknown but horrifying dangers.

My take:

As a study of the psychological breakdown of a couple who’ve lost their child, Vinyan is fantastic. In particular, Emmanuelle Béart’s portrayal of Jeanne’s slow descent into psychological and emotional disarray is exceptionally powerful, and follows a clearly recognisable path of degradation.

It’s also an exceptionally beautiful film, shot in some absolutely stunning locations by an obviously competent crew.

It has to be noted that, as a movie rife with allegorical and metaphorical elements, Vinyan is going to rely on you to answer a lot of your own questions. It’s a high concept movie, which means that you need to be prepared and wearing your thinking cap, or you’re going to find the first 45 minutes in particular to be a bit of a slog.

It should also be acknowledged that, however good Vinyan is overall, it’s not without some faults. Certain scenes seem to hint at a greater story, but never actually contribute anything to the plot (I’m thinking of one scene with Julie Dreyfus in particular); and there are times when the movie meanders a bit, seemingly a little too caught up in its own creativity.

Still, if you’re in the mood for something that’s going to leave you thinking after the fact – a horror movie that might not deliver much in the way of blood and gore (although there is some), but definitely grapples with the horrific – Vinyan‘s definitely worth a watch.


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