Day #162: Anaconda (1997)


Anaconda (1997)


A documentary film crew travel to the Amazon in search of an elusive tribe. After encountering a stranded poacher on the river, they soon find themselves facing off against large snakes with even larger appetites.

My take:

Ahh, Anaconda…wherein Jon Voight is the creepiest creep that ever did creep; J-Lo takes herself more seriously than the movie does; Jonathon Hyde portrays the perfect Hoighty Briton; Ice Cube is…Ice Cube; and Owen Wilson goes from feeling horny in the jungle to Kari Wuhrer’s “honey” in less than 45 minutes.

In some ways, Anaconda feels like a relic of an earlier time. t’s got an Indiana Jones-esque feel to it, where the overall sense of epic adventure is more important than something as comparably unimportant as a plausible plot, or character development. After all, there’s sets that look like they could fit into any amusement park, and giant snakes. What more do you need!?

To criticise Anaconda for any of its many faults would be to miss the point. It’s fun, damn it. You kinda just need to sit back and enjoy it for the B-grade creature feature that it is.

One thing I do really like about Anaconda is how the movie’s own Indiana Jones knock-off is out of commission for most of the movie, leaving a latina woman and African American guy to save the day. It’s not every day that you see that, even over a decade later.


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