Day #145: Bad Blood (Dark Horse Comics)


Bad Blood | Dark Horse Comics

Jonathon Maberry | Tyler Crook


[From Dark Horse Comics:] Trick was a typical college student—sort of—until vampires attacked. Then he found out his blood was poison to the bloodsuckers. And Trick will do anything to eradicate them.

My take:

As much as I want to say that I think it’s great, I’m a bit on the fence about Bad Blood.

On the one hand, Jonathon Maberry and Tyler Crook create these moments of high emotion, where their main characters – Trick in particular – are brought to life in a way that makes them feel real. This means that there’s a real poignancy there, at times.

I also just downright like the core concept of Bad Blood. A teenager with cancer fighting vampires alongside his drug-using fuck-up of a partner is, at the very least, a new and intriguing way of approaching the genre.

On the other hand, I dislike everything to do with the actual vampires. The way they act, the way they talk – everything about them, really – is just so shallow and cliche in comparison. And while there is an interesting concept underlying their engagement with Trick and Lolly, it’s never really given the opportunity to develop in a way that feels right. Instead, what starts out as a story that begins – and ends, it must be said – with an emotional punch, follows a pretty well-worn narrative path.

I think what this comic really needed was an extended run. Coming in at 5 comics long, there clearly isn’t enough time/space for Maberry and Crook to develop their story in a meaningful way. This means that those moments that do have some obvious depth are meaningful in spite of the rest of the story, not because of it – and I think that’s hardly the ideal that any artist strives to achieve.


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