Day #140: Jeepers Creepers (2001)


Jeepers Creepers (2001)


[From IMDB:] A brother and sister driving home for spring break encounter a flesh-eating creature in the isolated countryside that is on the last day of its ritualistic eating spree.

My take:

Y’know, I’d actually forgotten that Jeepers Creepers is a decent little horror flick.

Sure, the special effects have dated terribly (or were they always bad? I can’t remember!), aside from the bad guy’s mask; and the sound effects leave a lot to be desired at times. Not to mention that there are some really corny moments scattered throughout the movie.

But, damn it, I still think it’s fun.

I wouldn’t necessarily call either Trish (Gina Philips) or Darry (Justin Long) likable characters, but I do think that they deserve credit for not only having good chemistry (of the sibling variety), but for really carrying the movie – even during some of the movie’s lamer moments. Patricia Belcher also does good enough (if a bit overwrought) as the resident psychic, but, let’s face it, as far as secondary characters are concerned it’s all about Eileen Brennan as the cat lady who will fuck your shit up with a shotgun if you annoy her.


RIP Ms. Brennan, you were the best cat lady.

One thing I like about Jeepers Creepers is that it pulls together elements from a few horror subgenres. You’ve got your scary car chase scenes, your serial killer vibe, your supernatural elements, and even a decent body count. Some of these scenes are even genuinely scary – particularly the car chase scenes – even as other scenes are clearly played more for their comedic effect. And I can’t help but like some comedy in my horror movies.

And you know what? I have no complaints about how Jeepers Creepers ends. How rare is that?

On a final note, as much as I’m generally against remakes, I wouldn’t mind seeing what could be done with a reboot of this movie. Not another sequel – although I wouldn’t complain, as long as it didn’t suck – but a reboot of the concept, which could really do it justice using contemporary special effects and some more creative camerawork. I reckon it could be great.


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