Day #135: Feed the Gods (2014)


Feed the Gods (2014) IMDB


[From IMDB:] Two brothers return to a small mountain town in search of their long lost parents only to discover that the place has a monstrous taste for tourists.

My take:

I can’t help but think that whether you like Feed the Gods or not is going to come down to what you think of Shawn Roberts’ portrayal of his character, Will. If you find him annoying (and I think that would be completely understandable), then I doubt you’re going to like the movie as a whole, because he’s really the one whose performance is at the heart of the movie. On the other hand, if you find him to be a lovable if occasionally annoying dork, then you’re probably going to find yourself thinking that Feed the Gods was nothing great, but at least ‘okay.’

Roberts, Tennant and Johnston play off each other quite well as the main trio in Feed the Gods. There might be nothing about them that makes Roberts and Johnston believable as brothers, but the way that they bicker and pick at each other makes their relationship feel real, which provides Tennant with enough material that she does a good job as their long suffering, but well-meaning mediator,

Even the supporting cast do a good job, albeit with some markedly weaker material to work with.

But all of this ultimately fails to make up for the biggest weakness of Feed the Gods, which is the weakness of its premise. It’s never adequately explained why the locals of Tendale are doing what they’re doing, or what they get out of it. I just found myself repeatedly wondering why would choose to stay in the place – and I blame this on the vagueness of the backstory that’s shared with the audience.

Still, Feed the Gods does have its good moments; and there’s enough of a comedic bent to the movie that had me cracking a smile here and there, even as I found myself questioning characters’ decisions and motivations.

I can’t say that I didn’t get anything out of Feed the Gods – because I was entertained, by Roberts in particular. I just don’t know if they were the right things to be taking away from a big foot movie.


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