Day #121: Horror Podcasts

Somehow, I manage to fit listening to podcasts into my day. And, of course, I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to fit horror into this aspect of my life, which means I listen to some horror-related podcasts.

I’m not going to ‘review’ these podcasts, because I think it would be kind of weird to review reviewers. Not to mention it would probably cause some kind of reviewception, where no one really knows if they’re in a review or not – and no one wants to be trapped in a review, am I right?

Uhh, anyway…the following are three of the horror podcasts that I currently listen to (I’m also open to suggestions of others to add to my iTunes), in no particular order:


Dead as Hell Horror Podcast

Of the three podcasts here, this is the one that deals with the greatest diversity of topics and mediums, which suits me pretty well. It also has a very conversational tone, which I also like.

The team can’t be accused of not going into detail; but the offset is that episodes can be long.


All Horror Radio

This is possibly the most holistic of these three podcasts, in terms of its engagement with the horror movie/television industry. The reviews are less conversational and more like ‘classical’ reviews, but that also means they can go into some more depth in what they’re discussing.

There are also interviews with industry insiders, which are obviously interesting in their own right.


The Screamcast

This is the most specific of the three podcasts, focusing in on cult classics and retro horror movies. The team sometimes bring in guests from the industry to help them go into detail about a movie per episode, which makes this a great podcast for anyone who’s really interested in the nitty gritty details of the classics, and some lesser known movies from the fringe of the genre.


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