Day #111: Windigo (A Slender Man Movie) (2011)


Windigo | Vince Emerson Media


A group of students who go into the woods to film a documentary about the effects of deforestation encounter a Wendigo.

My take:

Although it could have lost a good 20-30 minutes of superfluous footage in order to improve its pacing, for an amateur film Windigo ain’t all that bad.

One of the things I liked about the set up in Windigo is the humour and frustration apparent in the characters’ interactions. It made the idea that this is a group of students working on an assessment feel all the more real – and simultaneously justified the format, and made up for some of the more questionable moments of acting in the process.

The final 20 minutes or so of Windigo are probably its strongest, because they embrace the campiness of its amateurishness and goes all out in a way that a lot of the rest of the film doesn’t. Sure, there’s an overabundance of cheap camera effects in this final act, but it also has an energy to it that was sorely missing earlier on.

Still, pacing issues aside, there’s nothing inherently wrong with Windigo. It’s not the most inspired movie in the world – but it’s far from being the worst movie in the world. I actually think it had a lot of potential, which could have been realised with something as simple as better editing.

On the upside, it’s available to view for free on Youtube, so that gives it some bonus points.

P.S. I have to point out just how much I love the accents in this movie. Particularly the stronger ones. So much <3.

Bonus Short: 

Because why not, that’s why.


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