Day #104: Truth or Die (2012)


Truth or Die (2012) IMDB


A group of five college friends attend the birthday party of a former classmate only to discover that the party is a ruse, put on by his brother in order to find which one of them is responsible for his death.

My take:

Despite the lame looking poster art, this is one of the better horror/slasher/thriller (I’m really not sure how to classify it, if that isn’t clear yet) movies I’ve seen in quite a while. And, I’m not going to lie – I think part of the reason I enjoyed it so much is because it’s British.

But I’ll return to that point momentarily.

One of the best aspects of Truth or Die is that the filmmakers do an excellent job of setting the tone of a scene. Whether it’s a party where everyone’s having fun, or a tense moment of unexpected violence, every scene feels right. Suspense is built up and maintained well enough that I didn’t even consider looking at my phone for the length of the movie.

Hey, that might not sound like much to you, but if you haven’t noticed I do watch a lot of not-so-great movies for this blog. FOR YOU. 😛


Of course, the ‘feeling’ of a movie can only go so far – and this is where the quality of the plot came into play. I’ve watched so many movies over the years that I’ve honed a pretty good talent for predicting where a storyline is going to go. And while there are twists in this movie that I definitely did see coming, there were also some surprises.

Any movie that can surprise me definitely goes up a notch or two in my books.

Finally, the cast were all pretty good, with Jennie Jacques in particular being kind of mesmerising. And they were all just so British, which sold the movie in a way that I don’t think an American cast could have. Is that going to be true for all viewers? I don’t know. British people might not be quite so charmed by their countrymen, for example. But, for me? It added an extra element to the movie that allowed me to see past certain moments of (largely uncharacteristic, it should be acknowledged) stupidity from characters at key moments, and gloss over some of the more convenient happenings in the story.

P.S. The ending? Loved it. That’s all I’ll say.

P.P.S. Actually, I’ll also say that you should watch it, if that wasn’t clear enough already.


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