Day #103: Reel Evil (2012)


Reel Evil (2012) IMDB


Kennedy, Cory and James want to make an award-winning documentary. But, for that to happen, they need money. So the three take on a job filming the behind the scenes footage for a horror movie being filmed in an abandoned asylum, only to discover that it may not be as abandoned as everyone thought.

My take:

Reel Evil is an effectively produced found footage film, which – despite its weaknesses – manages to be pretty entertaining.

What? You want more? Ooookay, then. But I warn you now: everything past this point is just going to bring us back to what you’ve already read.

My main issue with coming up with things to say about Reel Evil is that, if you’ve seen a decent found footage film, then you pretty much know everything that I’d have to say about it, anyway.

Decent main cast (and a questionable secondary cast)? Check. Predictable progression of events? Check. Jump scares? Check! In fact, other than the fact that (on the one hand) it probably handled its comedic moments with a bit more finesse than you might otherwise expect, and (on the other hand) it had a weird disjoint between the quality of its CGI in some scenes versus others, Reel Evil is pretty much a movie based on ticking all of those boxes that you expect a found footage film to tick.

Does that make it a bad film? Well, no. Like I said up in that all important first line, Reel Evil is entertaining. Not scary, by any means, but entertaining nonetheless.

And, you know what? Sometimes entertainment is all you need.


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