100 Days + ILU GUYS



Having just passed Day 100 of posts, I wanted to send out a big thank you to anyone who’s read/liked my posts, or followed me on Twitter. I started this blog as a way to get myself writing on a regular basis, and 100 posts means that I’ve published about 30,000 words in just under two and a half months. It’s not quite NanoWriMo, sure, but I’m still pretty chuffed.

I’ve mentioned on a couple of occasions that I’m bogged down with uni work, so I haven’t been able to interact with you all as much as I would have liked, but the end is in sight (come oooooooon, November 12th), and in just over two weeks I’ll have a little more time and brain-space to get back into the swing of things. In the meantime, posts will continue as usual, and I’ll continue responding to @’s, DMs and blog comments.

Which is totes a way of encouraging you to throw those at me, by the by.

Anyway, it’s hot and my computer is making weird strangling noises, so I’m just going to finish this off by once again saying THANK YOU. Here’s to hundreds more posts, hey?


ILU this much


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