Day #100: Horror-related Youtube Curation (Halloween)


Unlike my previous Youtube curation post, I’ll have you know that this is not the result of a drunken post-assessment break*. Rather, it’s an extension of my previously stated appreciation of amateur movie-making ventures. By which I mean: who says that publishing/sharing your content on the internet isn’t a completely valid method of disseminating your attempts (great or otherwise) at making a movie?

Fuck the establishment, amirite?


Slenderman – A Short Horror Film (24 mins)


An amateur film crew goes into the woods to film a movie about the popular internet meme, Slenderman.

My take:

This short proves that you don’t need a movie to run for 90 minutes or so, or have a cinematic release, in order to successfully build up tension and execute a complete story arc, which is probably more than I can say for a lot of contemporary horror movies.

In fact, while this might feel amateurish in terms of its use of special effects, I’m willing to declare that it has a tigher script – and better acting – than a lot of horror movies that have seen commercial release.


Halloween Red Harvest: A Short Fan Film (17 mins)


[From Youtube:] A throwback to the 70’s vibe, feel, mood and atmosphere, Halloween Red Harvest promises to please fans of the original Halloween.

My take:

I’m going to disagree with the description re: the ‘feel’ of this short. If anything, there are two things that make it stand out: the fact that it’s shot in HD; and the (predictably) inferior soundtrack.

Otherwise, I feel like this is a worthy fan response (addition?) to the franchise, with a contemporary twist.

maxresdefault (1)

The Rake (Found Footage Horror Film) (48 mins)


Three young men go into the woods on a mission to live ‘wild’ for a month. Things quickly take a strange and terrifying turn.

My take:

This short embraces its amateur roots. I mean, what even is manual focusing, right?

This embracing of its roots shouldn’t be held against it, though. In fact, its production quality is on par with quite a few of its commercial brethren.

If anything, it’s its relation to many (quote, unquote) “professional” found footage films that’s its undoing. Which is to say, while it’s shorter than most commercial films, it has a similar tone – and only slightly tructated timeframe – that makes it feel, well, slightly predictable.

Does that make it less worthy of watching? Fuck no. It’s Youtube. Watch and like, damn it.

* My next assessment is due in two days, thank you very much.


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