Day #88: Evil Things (2012)


Evil Things (2012) IMDB

[From IMDB:] Four kids take part in a pervert game – a torturer, the blog’s master, four victims, none of them really innocent.

My take:

My first mistake was thinking that I was watching Evil Things (2009), and mentally preparing an apology for writing about yet another found footage film in a relatively short period of time. My second mistake was, apparently, continuing to watch despite the realisation of my mistake.

Which is to say, man, this movie sucked.

So, apparently some guy in a stupid-looking mask, imaginatively named The Master, has managed to build up a following on his website “Evil Things,” where people post videos of them doing ‘evil’ things. Four of these posters then get selected for some kind of competition that none of them really seems to understand the purpose of, and happily wander off into the wilderness to take part in what, as far as they’re aware, may or may not be a television show/webcast. Unsurprisingly, shit goes down.

Not only is Evil Things uninspired, it just makes so little sense. From the overall premise, right down to pretty much every action taken by the characters – it all goes beyond the usual “horror movie character” level of stupidity and instead becomes completely unintelligible. That the characters are so ill-defined and inconsistent doesn’t help matters. They just do things, because…why not, hey?

Obviously there’s meant to be some underlying message about voyeurism, and the desensitisation that the internet can create, but, ugh. UGGHH.

For your own sake, just stay away from this movie.


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