Day #72: Horror Game…Err…Gamers (Youtube)



We’ve been on this journey for almost, what? 2 and a half months, right? And in this time we’ve developed a bit of a rapport. You might even consider us friends (I do – and you can’t prove otherwise!).

Between friends, then, I’m going to admit that today’s post is a liiiiiiittle bit of a cheat, in that it’s going to be content-heavy, but light on commentary. By which I mean, I’m basically just going to post links to videos and the relevant Twitter accounts, so I can sit here for the rest of my Saturday night basking in the joy of temporarily being free of uni assessments, after having drunk a bit too much cheap yet effective wine, and delicious sweet apple cider*, to be, uh, focused enough, to both watch and critique a horror movie, like I usually would at this point in the posting schedule.

Instead, I’m going to share links to some of the Youtubers that have gotten me through my assessment crunch; and I’ll be back tomorrow with new and, well…let’s face it, probably equally-coherent content.

* Warburn Estate and Strongbow, feel free to get in contact. As you can see, I am not above posting while slightly intoxicated on your product. And I am all for the responsible consumption of both alcohol and horror. Think about it.



DymonGamez: Doorways: The Underworld

TheRPGMinx: Creepypasta Land

Dlive: Outlast

SlenKris: The Crooked Man

Markiplier: Neverending Nightmare

LordMinion777: Ib


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