Day 71: Leprechaun: Origins (2014)


Leprechaun: Origins (2014) IMDB


Four young Americans visit an out of the way village in Ireland, and find themselves caught up in the (not so) mythical Leprechaun’s attempts to get its revenge.

My take:

Above all else, I’m really not sure why the owners of the Leprechaun franchise decided to give this movie the green light. It’s just so far removed from every other movie in the franchise that it really makes no sense having that name attached to it.

The tone of Leprechaun: Origins is completely off. It has none of the comedy of the original movies, either in the monster design (which just ends up looking like some kind of ‘generic demonic creature #5’), or in the iconic scripting of the original movies, as delivered by Warwick Davis.

‘But it’s meant to be a reboot!’ you say? Okay, fine. Even if you take away all considerations of the franchise that gave it its name, Leprechaun: Origins is still a pretty shitty movie in its own right.

The characters are un(der)developed, and continue to not only make stupid decisions, but make stupid decisions that keep sending them back to exactly the same places. It’s like they’re goldfish in a bowl (except not, because goldfish are smarter), circling around with no thought given to the fact that they already know these locations are far from ideal, what with the dead bodies they left behind the last time they were here.

There’s also little thought given to the movie’s plot, which can’t seem to decide if the Leprechaun is pissed off at people who steal its gold, or just wants to feed on anyone in the vicinity. Rather, it seems to work on the basis that no one’s going to care, because they’ve already been sucked in by the deceptive use of the word “Leprechaun” in the movie’s title.

*takes a deep breath*

I’m not even a fan boy of the original movies, and look at how Leprechaun: Origins has made me react. Oi.


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