Day #64: Willow Creek (2013)


Willow Creek (2013) IMDB


Kelly (Alexie Gilmore) and Jim (Bryce Johnson) venture into the woods of Willow Creek to find Big Foot.

My take:

I thought that two thirds of Willow Creek was great. It showed that it was completely aware of the genre, and reveled in it.

In contrast to other examples, it showed that it was simultaneously aware of, and wary of, the footsteps in which it followed, poking fun at the conventions of those that had come before it.

The relationship between its two main characters was firmly established, and the notion that this was a movie pretending to be yet another serious horror movie was quickly disavowed.

Unfortunately, the last third of Willow Creek fell into line with the genre, which means that it lost any semblance of originality, and instead gave in to the usual cliches of a found footage horror movie.

Honestly, I really wanted to like Willow Creek, because of the way it started out. I thought it was a smart, cheeky take on the genre. But as soon as it started using sound effects that sounded entirely too-human, I lost any interest that it had previously built up.

What disappointed me most about Willow Creek is what could have been, rather than what (sloppily) was.


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