Day #62: The Appearing (2014)


The Appearing (2014) IMDB


A couple move to a new town after experiencing a tragic event. Soon after, a girl goes missing, and Rachel (Emily Brooks) starts having strange experiences. Her husband Michael (Will Wallace) will have to help her face her secret past if she’s to survive.

My take:

I really did not like this movie.

The Appearing entirely composed of horror movie cliches (including the house from Psycho), bringing absolutely nothing new to the table. Not only this, but it has an underlying narrative about how the demonic possession of two women is really hard on their husbands, which really bugged me. Like, yes, I’m sure it would be hard on them as well, but they’re not the ones being possessed, are they? So there might just be someone else having a few issues with this arrangement, too.

The casting decisions were also a bit off-putting. I know that it’s usual to have people who aren’t actually teenagers cast as teenagers, but that doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be some limits. For example, when your teenagers have visibly wrinkled skin, you’ve gone too far. And when your main couple actually look like a father and daughter up until the point they start making out, you’ve either passed another limitation, or haven’t done enough to establish who exactly your characters are.

Or! If you really want to work with a particular group of actors, why not modify the story to suit? It doesn’t always have to be a group of teenagers out in the woods telling ghost stories. Adults can go camping and make out with each other, too!

Also: Dean Cain. What are you doing, man? I know you’ve had a long history of making bad casting decisions (excluding one of my guilty pleasures, Hit the Floor), but why would you take such a small part in this movie? Or take a part in this movie at all, for that matter? You’re not really that tragic, are you?

Tragic. That’s a good word to describe The Appearing.


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