Day #61: Key of Z (Comic)

KEY_OF_Z_ cover

Key of Z | Evil Ink Comics


Key of Z is told from the perspective of Nick Ewing, who loses his wife and child not to the zombie apocalypse, but in the struggle between three factions of survivors.

Ewing plots his revenge, and gains the help of Eddie Alvarez to try and bring his plans to fruition.

My take:

Key of Z is an interesting take on the usual zombie apocalypse story, coming in at a point where some semblance of normalcy has already been established. In fact, the zombies really only play a minor part in the story, which is more about the politics of the different groups, and about Ewing and Alvarez’s development as characters.

It’s a relatively short series, coming in at only four issues. This means that there’s a sparsity of details, and some things that just need to be taken at face value rather than being closely examined. The most obvious example of this latter point is the introduction of Ewing’s harmonica, which allows him some kind of control over zombies (this isn’t really a spoiler) for…reasons that are never really explained. It just does. So there’s a need for a suspension of disbelief that goes beyond the usual ‘zombies being real’ aspect of these types of stories.

Another point of difference between Key of Z and other zombie comics is that it’s not afraid of colour. This might seem like a minor thing to comment on, but after reading several comics that seemed to think that colour was the enemy, it was nice to see a world where bright colours still exist.

If you’re looking for something to read in an afternoon, Key of Z is worth considering.


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