Day #58: The Monkey’s Paw (2013)


The Monkey’s Paw (2013) IMDB


[From IMDB:] Jake is given a monkey’s paw that grants three wishes. After the first two wishes leave his friend Cobb undead, Cobb pushes Jake to make a final wish.

My take:

I’ve never understood why people are so bad when it comes to wishes. Like, I can understand stuffing up on the first go, because you don’t really believe that the wish is going to come true, and it’s just for a laugh, right? I might even be able to accept that the second wish is used unwisely, because you’re still not sure that what happened after the first wish was the result of the wish, or of good luck/fortune/whatever. But by the time you’ve hit the third wish, you should really have sorted your shit out, no?

Anyway, the stupid use of wishes is actually my main beef with The Monkey’s Paw, which is otherwise not all that bad. It was actually better than I expected it was going to be (but, for some reason, I had pretty low expectations. So, take that with a grain of salt.).

Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realise that there wasn’t really that much to complain about. The acting was fine; the story was fine (sans stupid wishes); the production quality was fine…

If I were the type to give ratings, I’d give this a 6.5-7 (on a horror movie-specific scale). It didn’t really leave me with much to say after the fact, but I didn’t feel cheated after watching it. And that’s pretty good, really.


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