Day #50: The Midnight Hunt (Novel)


The Midnight Hunt (Book #1 Midnight Hunters series) | L.L. Raand (a.k.a. Radclyffe)


When Ryon Drake comes into contact with the leader of the largest werewolf pack in America, Sylvan Mir, she feels a connection with this strong and wild leader of the Praeterns’ (non-human beings) lobbying effort for legal recognition. What she doesn’t know yet is just how much of an impact this encounter will have on her life – or how enmeshed she is going to become in Sylvan Mir’s supernatural world.

My take:

I picked up The Midnight Hunt after reading that it had something to do with werewolves and vampires, so I can’t say I was prepared for what I’d find in its pages. When I found myself reading about someone’s state of arousal in the first couple of paragraphs though, it occurred to me that this might not be the kind of book I was used to reading.

So, it’s fair to say that The Midnight Hunt doesn’t fit into the horror genre, but is more of a supernatural lesbian romance novel, which quickly had me questioning my understanding of female anatomy. But, don’t worry, after the many (many, many, many) sex scenes in the book, I eventually worked out that female Weres apparently have some anatomical differences. What I learned in sex education did actually sink in.

In case the last paragraph didn’t make it clear, there’s a lot of sex scenes in The Midnight Hunt. A ridiculous amount, even. Like, even though it’s all very descriptive and erotic, there is a point where you might just find yourself craving a bit more of the actual plot, which is comparatively thin on the ground.

However, I can’t say that it wasn’t an engaging read. L.L. Raand has an impressive way with words – even if there is a bit too much “come on/in/over/for me!,’ particularly towards the end of the novel. And, while there was definitely a need for the characters to be fleshed out more, The L.L. Raand should get some credit for having a cast of characters almost entirely made up of strong female characters.

So, if you’re into urban lesbian fantasy, you’ll probably be happy with The Midnight Hunt. If not, well, maybe this isn’t for you.


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