Day #46: The Devil in Me (2012)


The Devil in Me a.k.a. Devil Seed (2012) IMDB


A visit to a psychic sparks a series of events that soon have Alex (Michelle Argyris) questioning her experiences.

My take:

Not gonna lie: my first impulse was to put shit on this movie. It’s corny as hell, and so generic in every respect that I really felt it deserved this level of sarcasm:


[On a related note, this came up as a search result for ‘oh my god sarcasm gif’. What the ever loving hell?]


Anyway, while there are a lot of things to complain about with Devil Seed, I actually don’t think it’s as bad as I want to say it is. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not good. Oh, no. It’s so hackneyed as to be completely predictable, except in the parts where things seem to happen because, well, why not? Like, of course one of the peripheral characters’ dads just happens to be a priest with experience in performing exorcisms, because everyone knows someone like that, amirite?

BUT. The acting ain’t bad, the story is at least mostly consistent, and, okay, maybe I’m just being generous for no reason whatsoever, but Devil Seed is far from the worst movie I’ve seen lately. On that basis alone, I’m inclined to give it a pass.

There are also a couple of moments during the film where I was pretty sure the filmmakers were fucking with me, like they were intentionally making a run-of-the-mill demonic possession movie. Maybe I just want to believe that’s true.


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