Day #40: Graveyard Shift Sisters (Website)


Graveyard Shift Sisters


[From the site’s Mission page:] Graveyard Shift Sisters aims to highlight and celebrate the experiences and achievements of Black women and women of color in the horror community/industry.

My take:

The horror genre can be extremely problematic when it comes to representing people from minority groups. It also has a habit of further marginalising people from these groups by either ignoring their work, or minimising its worth. So, I appreciate that Graveyard Shift Sisters provides those of us who aren’t black women with an opportunity to engage with these concepts, and a broader range of works, from the perspective of those who are black women.

I’m also a fan of an academic take on the media I consume (because I’m a neeeerd), and Graveyard Shift Sisters also delivers on that front, with essays/articles about particular aspects of the representation of black women in the genre.

You can also (and should!) follow GSS on Twitter @Sister Horror.

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