Day #38: Slender Game


Slender Game | Parsec Productions


Your goal in Slender Game is to find eight manuscripts about the Slender Man before your sanity drains.

My take:

Horror movies? Bring ’em on! Walking around in a scary location at night? I’m game. Scary game? DEAD. I AM DEAD.

When it comes to scary games, I am the biggest wuss there is. I immediately assume that the worst is going to happen at any second now, and end up so flooded with adrenalin that I crash after half an hour.

Aaaand, this is pretty much what happened when I played Slender Game.

It’s to the credit of the creators of the Slender Game that they’ve managed to put together something that’s both so simple, and so damn scary. It’s all about creating the kind of atmosphere that transcends the game’s simplicity, and really draws you in.

I jumped and panicked every time I saw the Slender Man. My pulse quickened every time there was a change in the music. I dreaded having to turn around, or enter a new area. And I had a good laugh at myself for just how freaked out I was by the whole thing.

Well done, Parsec Productions. Well. Done.


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