Day #33: Open Water (2003)


Open Water (2003) IMDB


A couple on holiday in the Caribbean are stranded in the ocean after going on a scuba diving trip.

My take:

Honestly, I’m a little torn on this one.

My impulse is to say that I didn’t like it.

The bad acting, which was immediately apparent, made it hard for me to relate to the characters. And, given that this was a movie primarily focused on these two people and a whole lot of ocean, that made it really hard for me to appreciate the movie as a whole. After all, in order for me to be able to put myself in their place – which is obviously where the true terror of the movie is meant to come from – I’d have to be able to relate to them; and I couldn’t exactly do that with people who didn’t come across as genuine.

I also found it hard to maintain a feeling of suspense, because it felt like lots of time passed between events (the few that there were) and their…outcomes? Consequences? Depending on where in the movie we’re talking about, both of those are correct, I suppose. I just ended up not caring.

Huh. I guess I wasn’t as torn as I thought.

At the end of the day, I think that Open Water was a good concept, poorly realised. But, considering they walked away with millions of dollars in profits for their low budget movie, I’m pretty sure they don’t care what I think.


3 thoughts on “Day #33: Open Water (2003)

  1. I was too scared to watch this movie when it first came out, so I had my sister tell me everything that happened. Even then it didn’t sound all that great. I think they tried to copy Jaws in that it would be scarier if you didn’t see all that was happening under the water, but in the end it was nowhere near as iconic.


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