Day #25: Static (2012)


Static (2012) IMDB


A couple mourning the loss of their son must face the challenge presented by a stranger who enters their home.

My take:

Milo Ventimiglia and and Sarah Shahi do a decent job of carrying the movie, as the couple whose marriage is on the rocks after their son drowns. I can’t really fault their acting, because they hit the notes that are required in each scene. Sara Paxton is fine, too.

The problem is, Static is ultimately one of those movies that’s passably inoffensive, but fails to shine.

Okay, that might be a bit harsh. The previous line might make it sound like Static is bad movie, but in reality there’s nothing really wrong with it. I don’t regret watching it, because it does manage to get the job done. It’s just, well…predictable.

Chances are, you’ll guess what the twist is right from the beginning; and even if it doesn’t come to you that soon, you’ll surely work it out before the finale – robbing this scene of any of the emotional impact that it might have otherwise had. In fact, this is a problem I had throughout the movie; I just didn’t care that much. I can’t pinpoint if that’s a failure on my part, because my expectations were too high, or if it’s a failure on the part of the film makers. Possibly, it’s all of the above.

None of that’s to say that I’d try and dissuade you from watching Static. If you’ve got some time to kill, go for it. I just might not expect too much, if I were you.


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