Day #23: Scream (1996)


Scream (1996) IMDB


[From IMDB:] A masked killer begins murdering teenagers in a small town, and as the body count rises, one girl and her friends contemplate the “rules” of horror films as they find themselves living in a real-life one.

My take:

You may think there are better teen slashers than Scream – and, I’ma let you finish, but you’re wrong. Scream is the greatest teen slasher of all time.

Okay, okay. Obviously I’m exaggerating. But the release of Scream was a genre-defining moment, and I’ll always have a soft spot for it, despite its minor flaws.

It’s interesting. I’ve rewatched Scream dozens of times over the years. Heck, doing a Scream marathon is a go-to for me, when it comes to movie nights. But it wasn’t until I sat down and started to type the line “Scream has aged pretty well,” that it occurred to me that I might not be being entirely honest with myself.

There’s something about the whole Dawson’s Creek style of exposition (even though – fun fact time! – Dawson’s Creek came out two years after Scream), with teens delivering insightful social commentary at a rapid-fire pace, which comes across as a bit more forced now than it did when I was younger. It also doesn’t ring as true as it used to – most likely because, in the intervening years, these types of movies have responded to the critique inherent to Scream by either trying to do things differently (creating new cliches in the process), or have embraced the irony of it. This means that it doesn’t quite cut through in the same way that it used to.

It’s also harder to be as forgiving about some, uh, questionable acting skills *cough*Neve Campbell*cough* that are on display.

But, does this all mean that I think Scream has become a bad movie? Hell no. I still think it’s great, and I will happily come along to your Scream movie marathons, because the franchise is still an intelligent, witty take on the genre.

…minus Scream 3, anyway.


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