Day #11: All Cheerleaders Die (2013)


All Cheerleaders Die (2013) IMDB


After the death of her friend, Maddy Killian (Caitlin Stasey) takes her place on the cheerleading team, as part of her plan to bring down her friend’s ex-boyfriend, and the football team’s captain, Terry Stankus (Tom Williamson).

All seems to be going according to plan, until things suddenly take a turn for the worse – and a supernatural twist changes the game entirely.

My take:

Usually, my complaint about horror movies is that they’re a bit too simplistic. All Cheerleaders Die goes in the complete opposite direction though, trying to juggle elements of a high school drama, dark comedy, revenge plot, and a magical/supernatural twist. I’d like to say that it does so with some level of success, but, well…

I can’t say there’s a single character in this movie whose motivations are really clear, particularly given the dramatic escalation of events that seem to take place every other minute. They’re also all thoroughly unlikable characters – including Maddy, who’s meant to be our hero. Admittedly, things don’t go the way she planned, but even if they had, she seems to set up an overly complex plan to achieve her goals, and doesn’t seem to care who she hurts along the way.

Really, the stand outs in this movie are Brooke Butler, who really seems to be enjoying the absurdity of her role; and Tom Williamson, who all but exudes the barely repressed sociopathy that I expect from a football team captain.

Unfortunately, All Cheerleaders Die tries to be too many things at once, and suffers from a lack of cohesiveness. There also doesn’t seem to be much consistency in the rules of the world that this movie establishes – whether it be supernatural or not – and this makes for some definite “Wait, what?” moments.

Having said that, the suggestion of a sequel at the end of the movie did almost make me want it to happen. It’s so absurd, it’d have to be entertaining.


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