Day #10:


According to Know Your Meme, Creepypasta “is a popular subgenre of copypasta which consists of short horror fictions and urban legends.”

I’ve got to admit, I hadn’t heard of/read about the term until I started this blog. This also means I had no idea about Jeff the Killer (pictured above), the Rake, Smile.jpg – or any of the many horror-related stories that have been given life by the internet, really. Clearly I just fell off the internet about the time that the Slender Man became a thing.

Obviously, realising that I was missing out, I spent an entire night reading scary stories on the internet, and watching Top 10 Creepy Pasta-type videos on Youtube. At one point, something in the room with me shifted slightly, and I had a mild heart attack. So, clearly, it was time well spent. offers up a great collection of creepy, user-submitted stories, which will provide you with hours of material to devour, and totally prove that you’re not going to be scared by stupid stories on the internet (even though, yes, you totally are).


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