Day #8: Penny Palabras (Comic)


Penny Palabras | James B. Willard & Patrick K. Beavers


17 year old Penny Palabras has a lifetime of experience with the paranormal, and for the most part, she’s learned to live with it. But an entity called the Straw Man has started harassing her, and its pranks have started to turn dangerous.

Penny must search for a way to get rid of him, knowing that each day that passes makes him even stronger.

My take:

There’s something whimsical about Penny Palabras. It puts me in mind of a children’s story, albeit with some not-so-child-friendly themes.

The digital illustration is done using a gray scale palette, and has a rough, unfinished feel to it. Normally I might find this unappealing, but it somehow feels appropriate for the content. It seems to fit the story, which is narrated by Penny – a tough young woman, who’s got some smarts, and the determination to do what needs doing in order to vanquish her foe.

Although it’s told in a rather simplistic manner, there’s enough mystery to the story to keep me interested. I want to know why the Straw Man has picked Penny as a target; what the devil with the lion mask wants with her; and what the librarian is hiding. This is pretty impressive, given that there’s only three episodes so far.

My recommendation? If you want something easy to digest, with enough interest to keep you engaged, you should give Penny Palabras a go.


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