Day #5: Bad Biology (2008)

Bad Biology

Bad Biology (2008) IMDB


Jennifer (Charlee Danielson) is a photographer by day, and a man killer by night. Batz (Anthony Sneed) is…a drug-addled guy who owns a house? I don’t know. This movie doesn’t exactly try very hard to make sense.

The point is, they’re both driven by their biological abnormalities – sexual mutations that separate them from the rest of society, but which will bring them together, with disastrous results.

My take:

Let’s just get this out of the way: no one in this movie can act. And when you combine bad acting with a ridiculous amount of dialogue, and some of the most needlessly wordy exposition ever delivered on screen, it’s pretty damn distracting.

I suppose you can’t exactly expect a performance worthy of Shakespeare from a movie that follows the trials and tribulations of two people with monstrous genitals. But Teeth has shown that it’s possible to do this kind of movie well – and Bad Biology just…doesn’t.

Every scene in this movie lasts too long. Especially the sex scenes, of which there are too many – and that’s not even taking into consideration what’s essentially a series of rapes that last for about ten minutes, in what is presumably meant to be considered a comedic montage.

I dunno, people. I feel like there’s the potential to read this as a psycho-sexual analysis of our insatiable cultural obsession with sexuality and sexual fulfillment…but, I also feel like doing that kind of analysis of this film would be putting more effort into it than the film actually warrants.

In theory, I’m not actually against a movie that follows this basic premise. Don’t get me wrong – it’s not the kind of story line that would have me keeping up with all the latest details in anticipation of its release, but I can at least accept that there’s something potentially entertaining in the concept. Unfortunately, Bad Biology is just lazy about it, relying on a draw card of titillation that it’s unable to actually deliver.

I’m also not necessarily against bad movies. I think they can be entertaining – but there has to be something at their core which makes them worth watching, even if it’s just an appreciation of the fact that someone has given making this film a go. Bad Biology just comes across as an oddly pretentious failure.

My recommendation? Don’t bother.


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